The Power of Intentions

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We do little things on a day to day basis out of habit without having to think about it, how powerful would it be if those little things, those habits, were things that would have a significant positive impact on your life?


You have the power to change habits of a lifetime, it all starts with an intention.


Do you find yourself diving straight into “things” as soon as you open your eyes in the morning? Is it your habit to reach for your phone and dive into other peoples lives on Facebook or Instagram before you’ve even yawned and stretched?


Are you feeling pulled and stretched in every direction, running on caffeine and chocolate, struggling to eat well and look after yourself because you are putting everyone’s else’s needs and your business before your own?


Does your downtime look like this: chocolate or wine in one hand, Netflix on, your phone in the other, but not really relaxing or switching off?


Do you often say I wish there were more hours in the day?


My life was exactly like this, I was overwhelmed by my family and responsibilities, often escaping reality into my online world. My business, my passion and drive fueled and fulfilled me so much let it overshadow everything else.

I could see I was headed towards burnout, not in my business, that was thriving, as it should be with all the attention I was giving it, but the rest of my life felt overwhelming.

Through a process of trial and error and a big dump, no not that sort of dump, a brain dump where I created a mind map of my daily life. I could see what flowed on from what, where the blockages were and how I could focus on my main priorities. I found a way to put my needs first, run my business successfully and spend the time with my family that was part of the reason I started working for myself in the first place.

I set the intention to make my health my highest priority and started creating new habits to encourage that.

I didn’t try and overhaul everything all at once but made little changes that over time had a considerable impact.

Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.

Every intention, when followed through with action, can have a powerful impact.

Intentions, letting go of the past, making a vision board, choosing a word, and clearly defined goals have more impact than vague New Year’s Resolutions.

If you start now you will make new habits and create a lifestyle that isn’t just a fad.

They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, which is true but it takes 90 days to solidify that habit.

3 months from now, you can be in a completely different space mentally, spiritually or physically.

Join me and a group of like-minded women as we create the lifestyle we want over the first 90 days of 2019.

Throughout this Daily Intentions Online Encouragement Circle you will be supported through:

Creating intentions specific for you and your needs
Cultivating gratitude
Finding time for yourself amidst the chaos
Prioritising YOU and your needs without dropping all the balls you are currently juggling
Expanding your mind and knowledge
Valuing yourself

This private Facebook Group will be a safe place for you to be seen, be heard, be valued. Each day there will be a different area of focus with a variety of videos, ebooks, blog posts and quotes to encourage you to fulfil your intentions. Each month there will be an Encouragement Call, via Zoom, where we can connect in real time.

Daily Intentions Online Encouragement Circle will be a place where you will create friendships and bonds as you connect with other women on a similar path to you.

Limited places available – group opens January 1st 2019 and will be closed to new intakes January 15th 2019.

Half price Early Bird registration finishes 9pm Monday 31st December 2018.

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