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I started Natural Connections to share my story, recipes, oils, encouragement and life’s ups and downs. It is my hope, that through my story, my experiences and with my guidance, others can find the inspiration, courage and strength they need to create a wellness lifestyle that works for them.

Over time, through sharing my story, I have found my voice and as it turns out, I have something to say. By writing from my heart and soul, sharing my story through snippets of my day, my challenges and my successes, my humour and heartache, I have realised that I truly am a writer.

I have discovered that writing/journaling each day is better than therapy for me. I know that my story inspires me every day but I had no idea that my story would be such an inspiration for so many people. I write what I am feeling and thinking in the hope that others read my words and find their own wisdom in them. 

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Stacey Kirasic

Stacey Kirasic

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