My Essential Oil “Miracle” Moment

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Ironically, it was my doctor who introduced me to the idea of including essential oils in my treatment plan.


He recommended that I chat with one of his other patients about using oils to help manage my anxious feelings and Fibromyalgia symptoms as none of the Western Medicine solutions we tried were helping. I met a stranger at a cafe to talk about essential oils and it changed my life.

I’d had shaking, trembling hands and a racing heart for months. Nothing had helped to alleviate these debilitating symptoms but just one drop of Balance on my wrist, and within minutes I had stopped shaking! My heart rate slowed, and I felt calmer than I had in months. We sat and talked for 2 hours, and I kept showing her my steady hand saying:

“DUDE! Would you look at that!?!”


After months of no relief from my symptoms, I was blown away by how effective just one tiny drop of oil had been within minutes.

Since then, I’ve used Balance every single day. I keep a bottle on my bedside table; I have another in my handbag and one on the coffee table in the family room. This bottle comes in handy when we are playing card games. A drop of Balance rubbed on the back of the neck can quickly turn a sore loser into a gracious one.

I’ve made significant changes to my lifestyle since that life-changing meeting. Armed with the knowledge I have gained, and the support of both the oils and the extended doTERRA community, I’ve gone from a heavily medicated zombie, shuffling around mindlessly, to a vibrant, energetic woman who strides around with my long cardi flapping behind me like a cape!

Consistent use of the oils, the LifeLong Vitality supplements, and lifestyle changes, made slowly over time, have helped me to become that woman and I’ve never looked back.

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