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The best way to make the most of your doTERRA Customer Account Membership is with the Loyalty Rewards Program; it is a great way to get FREE oils every single month and earn reward credit points.

Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is a monthly “wellness box” that is fully customisable to suit your needs. I love that I earn points on things that I used to buy at the grocery store.

Things I stopped buying at the grocery store


Loyalty Rewards benefits:

  • Earn a percentage of what you spend back in credit points from 10% up to 30%
  • Get your shipping costs back in credit points, shipping is $7.95, and you get 8 points back. Even if you only order one thing each month after 9 LRP orders, you will have enough points to get Frankincense for free!
  • Process a 125PV Loyalty Rewards Order between the 2nd and 15th of the month, you will automatically receive the free Product Of the Month (POM) as a thank you from doTERRA. Yes, you read that right you get a free product each month!
  • Discounted LRP exclusive collections – supplements, skin care, hair care

Credit Point Rewards:

  • The percentage of points increases from 10% up to 30% of the Product Value (PV) the longer you stay on LRP with an order over 50PV
  • LRP points increase by 5% every 3 months – all the way until you are earning 30% back. After your 13th month, you receive the maximum 30% credit points
  • Points are “paid” around the 15th of the month, after your first 3 months on LRP
  • You can see how many points you have under the Dashboard tab in your back office
  • You can use your points on any LRP order, and on most oils and products, I like to save my points for the more expensive oils.
  • Place an order each month to maintain your points and points percentage, you can order one thing, and you will still get all of your shipping costs back in points.

Here are some of our budget-friendly products that are great add-on’s if you’re close to 125PV or you want to order just one thing.


Let me tell you a story about Jacquie; she has placed a Loyalty Rewards Order each month for the past 11 months.
Each month Jacquie orders one oil, once or twice she placed a larger order, but for the most part, she ordered just one thing each month.
Jacquie had been saving her points and had over 170 points to “spend” and boy did she get great value out of her points!
She ordered the Emotional Aromatherapy Touch Roll-on collection and Ginger, that’s $220 worth of oils for FREE!
I’ll say that again, just by ordering one thing each month for almost a year Jacquie was able to get $220 worth of oils for FREE!
How amazing is that!?!
It just goes to show how rewarding the Loyalty Rewards Program is!

It costs just $3 to use your points. So the most cost-effective way is to save your points and use them all at once. You do need to order and pay for one thing when “spending” your points so the system can save your template for the following month. Points do expire after 12 months. You can cancel at any time, make sure you have spent your points first as you will lose your points and point percentage if you cancel.

Would you like to be rewarded with free oils for things you usually buy at the supermarket?


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