Encouragement Circle

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Are you a lonely Mum?

I was. I was the round peg in the square hole, seriously considering changing something fundamentally me, just to fit in. I wanted to be seen, heard and valued. I craved connections.

One of the biggest reasons that I started my business was for the connections.

I have this Brene Brown quote on my business cards:

“Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued – when they can give and receive without judgement.”

For so long I was lonely, craving connections.

I started hosting monthly Encouragement Circles for women after celebrating my 41st birthday December 2016.

I wasn’t going to celebrate my birthday but decided last minute to gather my friends together for a pamper night.

9 friends came, some new friends, some old friends. No one knew anyone else, they only knew me.

New friendships were made, they connected and networked, they shared stories and business cards, they became Facebook friends and followed each other on Instagram.

It was such a great night that I decided to open my home up once a month to local women, a social gathering, calling them Encouragement Circles, for women to create connections. Not just for me, but for them.

I’ve done many a happy dance after seeing two people I have introduced exchange phone numbers, when they tell me they are meeting each other for coffee, that they have made a new friend. And I get to make new friends too. That is magic.

We’ve done some goal setting, meal planning, pampering, meditating, made magic, created vision boards, we’ve eaten healthy home made treats and talked for hours.

I started hosting these evenings to make more friends, to bring my friends together and create my tribe, but it has turned into something more wonderful than that.

Each month different people came and connected. Many friendships have been made, and I do a little happy dance each time I see these friendships blossoming.

These magical connections are why I do this, the right people gather together at the right time, often with messages for people they have never met before.

I wish now I’d kept a record of these magical connections, just to remind myself that I am a connector.

That the friendships and connections made are the right ones at the right time.

Encouragement Circles aren’t some hippy chick woo woo with crystals and manifesting results, they for friendship, connection and support. 

In 2019 I shall continue to open my home to connections and magic on the third Thursday of every month. Click here to “follow” on Eventbrite for all upcoming event information.

I also host weekly catch ups, each Tuesday morning, at my local cafe, Brother of Mine, which I started because it involves my favourite things, chatting about essential oils, catching up for coffee and creating new connections.

Monthly Intentionally Organised roundtables are for work from home women who are looking for connections and a place to share and set business goals.

If you are a lonely mum, please come along to one of my gatherings or coffee catch ups.

Or message me and we can meet for coffee, even virtually online. Together we can create new connections.

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