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Natural Connections, connecting people with natural health solutions, support, community and friendship on their journey to better health.

I found there was lack of support and community in mainstream health care, for people wanting to get better/healthier.

My husband and I wanted to open a community centre that offered that support and resources but money and my health at the time stopped us.

With Natural Connections and dõTERRA I can offer that support and community to people, all the while building towards the abundance to be able to go ahead with the community centre dream.

I’m still navigating my way through the ups and downs of Fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression, with the support of the oils and the dõTERRA community the downs don’t seem as bleak and the ups aren’t as hard to reach.

Each day I make something beautiful out of all the ugly things I have been through, and each day I shine brighter.

Would you like to shine brighter?


Can I help you make something beautiful out of the ugly in your life?

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